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Estelle and Vincent Dahlke

Madison and Landon

May 9,2014


from Sparta,WI Sept. 2012

feeding squash to the birds...

Elmgrove Day Care

La Crosse, WI 8-26-2010

Cedarwood Day Care

Holmen,WI 8-20-2010

Bluffside Day Care

La Crosse, WI 8-19-2010

Kickapoo Krew


Payden, Kaleb, Kaysar, Bryar & Sawyer


Kendall, WI 8-1-2010

Tristan showed one of my Frizzled Roosters

at the Monroe County fair. Good Job!

Franciscan Skemp

Nursing Home!

Arcadia, WI 5-12-2010

Campbell Family Homes

Viroqua. WI 4-10-2010

Always be yourself because the people that matter

don't mind, and the ones who mind, don't matter!

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