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In memory of "Baldwin"

In memory of "Chopper"

In Memory of "Turbo"

Turbo was a horse with a bigger heart than he was! We'll really miss this big boy greeting us at the gate everyday!


In Memory of "Joe Bear"

Joe Bear was an all around Great Dog!

He grew up with the kids, and lived a long life. He loved everybody and is greatly missed!


In Memory of "Eeyore"

Eeyore was one of the first animals we got when we moved to the farm. It seems like just yesterday. Eeyore made many friends, and did his job very well guarding the property!

In Jan. 2011, at the age of 30, we had to make the tough decision that it would be best to have our vet put him down. It was a very sad day for all of us, but we each have many good memories!

"Acrobats 36x24" by: Deborah Kyle Hintergardt

"Eyore 49"x25" by: Deborah Kyle Hintergardt

In Memory of "Taz"

In Memory of "Teddy"

(The Best Little Donkey ever!)