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(Wisconsin Tested Flock)

Please call to see what's available....


Chicks sold by appt. only, and I do not ship.



French Black Copper Marans

(young birds)

Speckled Sussex


Cuckoo Maran

New Hampshire Red


Young Rooster

Standard Partridge Cochins

We call this Roo "Big Red". He's very mellow.

Standard Partridge Cochin vs.

Bantam Partridge Cochin

Black Cochin Hen

Bantam Cochin Rooster

Vs. Standard Cochin Hen

White Cochin Hen

Buff Cochins

Americana/Easter Egger

Long-tail Birds

Golden Phoenix

Silver Phoenix

"Frizzled Polish"

(Silver and Golden Laced)


(when you breed frizzles, you should always breed

a frizzle to a smooth feathered bird.)

Modern Game Bantams

(BB Red)

(Red Pyle)

(Blue Splash)

The Modern Game Bantams are very petite, with long

legs, and are very friendly! Another of my favorites!

They don't handle the cold very well,though.

White black-tailed Japanese

& Silver Sebrights

"A Chorus Line 15x30" by: Deborah Kyle Hintergardt

Seabright chick

Golden Sebrights

Buff Black-Tailed Japanese

Blue Booted Bantam Cochins

White Crested Black Polish


Polish roosters have pointy top hat feathers,

where as the hen's are more rounded. 

Black Minorca

Mottled Houdans

Porcelain d'Uccle Bantams

White Frizzle Hens &

Buff Silkie Rooster

Old English and Dutch Bantams

 The main differences between an OEGB

and a Dutch are the dutch has white

earlobes and is slightly smaller (by about 2-3 oz.)

Chocolate- Old English Bantams

(These do not breed true)

Young Bantam Frizzle Roosters


Check out the walnut comb on that rooster!


(Naked Neck Chickens)

Despite their looks, these are very hardy

birds and lay nice brown eggs!

New Babies!

This rooster is a Blue Turken/Golden Phoenix cross...

He is really cool!

Black Frizzle Rooster

Silver Laced Polish

Mille Fluer d'Uccles

Wild Pheasant hanging

out with the chickens


Sultans also have 5 toes.

Barred Bantam Cochin Rooster

Golden Laced Polish Hen

Red Cochin Bantams

Young birds

"Gossip Girls 16x20" by: Deborah Kyle Hintergardt

Egyptian Fayoumi

(Fayoumi = Fay- oo- me)

Araucana Bantams (Rumpless)

Click Here for information on

why these birds are difficult to breed.

"English Lavender Araucanas"

Show Girls!

Eggs & Incubators


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