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Potbellied Pigs...




Sophie and Arnold under my desk


A face only a mother could love!

(I mean the pig, lol)











Sophie lost part of her ear to one of her sibblings

when she was just a little piglet.




Sophie loves visitors!

Dalton  8, Nashoba  6, and Rome 2  










Sophie's Baby pictures










Arnold James Snortzenegger Einsweiner

 (AKA Arnie)   






Itchy pig!

When we got Arnold (5 wks old), he had mites.

That is why his skin was so pink, and 

 he would scratch himself on everything.

Ivermectin cleared it up in just a few days.


Tanner and baby Arnold




Arnold loves his Mom!




"Where's Arnold?"







"See my little teeth?!"










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