Triple Spring Acres

Country Living!


Fun On the Farm!

Jace helping Grandpa 





Turkey poult, just out of the incubator. 


Taz & Miss Chrissy



Joe Bear and Skidder


Trystin likes the baby goats best!


Droopy Dexter finds a new friend


Moe Grizzly giving Louie a bath after a messy lunch


Visitors Overhead! (from West Salem)


Cameron and LambChop become good friends!


Cora and Cooper treat Eeyore with an ear of corn.




                                             Zeus & Sophie



"You callin me a Pig?"    


Libby, LambChop, & Katie



LambChop and Zeus




Simon's visit to Triple Spring Acres




"I was here first, and I'm not moving."



"How do you work these things?!?"    






Lilly & Kids




Kitties with Mitties





"Don't Make me kick your butt, dog! ...."



"What?......You lookin for me?"





                                     Estella and Tanner







       Sophie's nap time



 Baldwin & Willy






Arnold trying to find one more

pellet in an empty food bag.



"Hey, Let's play in the mud!"

"What?... you chicken?!?"



Tanner & Darlene



"What time is Lunch?!?"



 Money isn't everything,
But it sure keeps the kids in touch!



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